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"I suppose the album came out of me looking at the world at the moment, and wondering where the hell it’s all going to end some dystopia or worse, self destruction, or are we going to take a quantum leap into a new state of being, a world based on the more positive aspects of what it is to be human? Some of the tracks delve into my own personal past history...and so it’s also an album exploring where I’m going now, in my life, the choices that stand before me and what I want to do, which path to follow now. Maybe it's a message to myself and the world...what I don’t want for us humans, myself included and what I hope for us all.” “So it’s music for everyone. It's not targeted to any group in particular, but listening to it all back now, I feel it’s for the mature, the deep, the thinker, the feeler, the carer, the frustrated and’s an album of substance for people of substance...and it’s just the beginning. The new lyrics are bubbling over, the tunes invading the dreaming space...the next album is knocking on the door. Hold your horses! We got to get these songs on the road, man, play some gigs in London, around the country and why not outside the UK!....let’s give NEW BORN STATE a good send off into the world, before we lock ourselves into the room at Magnitude 71 for another year" –Rokamé


Newborn State is the debut album by East London based singer-songwriter, ROKAMÉ. He and his producer, Mighty Magnitude, spent a year in the studio, where they were able to record these ten tracks that transformed their worries and hopes into a new electric, danceable state.


On first hearing the basic tracks, Rokamé knew his lyrics had to match the atmosphere of the music—cunning, mysterious, industrial and all so different from what he’d heard in the past. His challenge was to marry the music and narrative. He wrote lyrics that complimented his own cinematic experience of the tracks with the emotion that Mighty Magnitude created.


There are some diverse influences, from synth pop, post punk, funk and blues especially on tracks like "No" and "Take Me" to the folk-calling whales on "What We Know" and the sustained notes on the self-discovery ballad "Breathe." Let your imagination and the sounds of Newborn State take you to another place…where you’ll remember.

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