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"Throughout my many years of experience within the kaleidoscopic world of music, where I began my vocal training within opera, and later joining punk, funk, jazz and pop bands and learning the more formal art of stage craft within the west end musical theatre community, I have fused these experiences to create the sound of RoKaMé.


Sit back, listen and DANCE!"

RoKaMé was born Rohan Reckord in north London of Jamaican parents. With music always playing on the radio when she was pregnant with him, his mother says his love of music was born even before he came into the world. 


He has very clear memory at the age of 2 of knowing every musical detail of Isaac Hayes ‘Theme from Shaft’. At the ripe old age of 5, he became resident DJ for every family house party. Suffice to say, music has been part of his life since the beginning.


He started formal vocal training when he was introduced to Emlyn Jones, a prolific Welsh opera singer and tutor.

In his teen years he performed in a Punk/Funk band on the north London pub & club scene. From there he expanded his repertoire, going from Punk, Funk, Jazz to Pop, to even a stint of musical theatre.


Today, he has fused these experiences to create the sound of RoKaMé, and his first album NEWBORN STATE.





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